Crista Gallagher
“As the sole female on my Company’s Executive Team, Angela’s coaching was a lifesaver! Angela is insightful, thoughtful, compassionate and always
willing to give me a kick in the ass when I need it. I talk with Angela about challenges that I am facing at work, but there is always a connection to my personal life too. We can’t leave our baggage at the door when we show up for work! Working with Angela allowed me to see my blindspots, deal with my bullshit and get out of my own way!

Crista Gallagher

Chief Human Capital Officer/VP of Organizational Effectiveness

Thompson Creek Window Company

Washington D.C.




“Angela is an extraordinary coach who fills each session with powerful and positive energy always directed to her client creating a safe, judgment free space. Angela creates an environment which is conducive for her clients to share openly. Angela is always focused on how she as a coach can help her clients move forward at their own pace. She is authentic in her interest to make each coaching session one which the client progresses toward their eventual goals. As caring as she is gifted as a Coach. The world is a better place for the energy she shares with one and all.
Kathleen Arlinsky, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, SPHR at CRAssociates, Inc. Washington D.C.


“Angela, “Coach Bobby” Knight helped me to clean out some of the cobwebs to re-start my career and start enjoying work again. She helped me to clarify my objectives for work-life balance by refocusing on my values. The Career Bullsh*t to Brilliance Assessment and report was extremely valuable in validating the findings from our sessions. The way Angela debriefed the assessment was positive, energizing and life-affirming. I highly recommend Coach Angela for folks like me who have been working for decades and feel stagnant and for anyone just starting out in a field or looking for the courage to make a leap in a new direction.”
Kelly Oxios 

Business Development, Blueforce Inc.